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Joyce Zara

I am a queer, Batangueña-Bisayan Waray and Chinese migrant, ancestral birthworker, poet, grief tender, ceremonialist, and a culture bearer. I was raised in a matriarchal barangay (village) where traditional Filipino practices and customs were common. I offer in-person and virtual holistic full spectrum doula support and ancestral healing practices. I believe in a gentle approach to supporting and caring for the gestational person and families, while honoring physiological birth in trauma-informed ways. My birth work is an ancestral calling to heal familial wounds, to cultivate intergenerational healing, and to re-village with a decolonizing lens.


Batangueña-Bisayan Waray and Chinese migrant

Racial & Cultural Identities:

Languages spoken:

fluent in Tagalog and English.
Joyce Zara


Full Spectrum Doula


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